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We have now reopened our Treatment Room at Harrods. The safety and wellbeing of our customers and colleagues remains our highest priority. In line with government guidance, Harrods have introduced significant measures around the store and service areas to support social distancing. This includes designated entrance and exit doors. In addition to sanitation and hygiene protocol throughout the store, we will be implementing enhanced hygiene protocols to protect customers and employees within the Decorté Treatment Room. Sanitising protocol will be strictly adhered to between every appointment.

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For the first time in the UK, Decorté brings an exclusive capsule menu of ‘Onjun’ inspired holistic skincare rituals and a dedicated treatment room to the new Harrods Beauty Events & Services space on the lower ground floor. The space offers clients a haven of tranquility, drawing on the Japanese minimalist aesthetic. With peaceful muted tones, calming natural materials and a spectacular image wall depicting a Japanese waterfall scene, it instantly transports guests to a cocooning place of calm.

On offer there are four treatments showcasing the luxurious AQ Meliority Range, the jewel in the Decorté crown:


DECORTÉ LUXURY RITUAL (45 minutes - £100)




In Japan, there is a saying that “cold is the root of all illness”.  Cold has been shown as one of the key causes of reduction in immunity in the body. The philosophy of Onjun (translating literally as ‘circulation of warmth’) is based on drawing out the warmth that the interior of the body needs, stimulating the stagnant flow of blood and lymph so they circulate freely and breathe new life into each and every cell.

Onjun has a multitude of benefits and can resolve chills, increase immunity, stimulate metabolism, reduce fatigue and beautify the skin. Onjun can be particularly beneficial in a British climate where we can often experience ‘four seasons in one day’ and the continual changes in temperature and atmosphere can lead to poor circulation and cause ‘cold’ within the body. The Japanese visit Onsen baths regularly to experience Onjun, for the UK, Decorté has developed a specific massage technique that gives these same benefits without the need for an immersive water treatment.


All the treatments incorporate rituals to enhance ‘Onjun’ within clients, at the heart is a unique Decorté scalp massage.  Said to have the same effect as a full body massage, a scalp massage not only improves circulation to the head, it also simultaneously increases blood flow to the brain, the ‘control tower’ for the health of the entire body.  Activating the brain increases the ‘Onjun’ of the body and maximises the effects of the overall treatment. Other benefits include a sculpting and lifting effect for the face, increased concentration as the frontal lobe is stimulated, better mental balance, reduced hair loss and a relaxing effect as the centre of the nervous system is treated. Scalp massage also slows an ‘overworking brain’, increasingly prevalent in this world of constant digital overload, restoring healthy and vibrant vitality. 

The recently launched Decorté AQ Meliority range is used in all four Harrods treatment rituals.  Inspired by regenerative medicine’s approach to cell renewal, focusing on three key elements: the health and proliferation of epidermal cells, strengthening of the dermal matrix and growth factor protection and storage. Decorté AQ Meliority achieves remarkable performance levels, awakening the skin’s ability to self-regenerate and recapture youth. It reinvents and reconstructs the skin, deeply penetrates the layers and revives skin tissue that has been damaged or even destroyed.  Its rejuvenating and transformative capabilities deliver the deepest benefits to even stressed skin with patented and advanced formulations that give incomparable results. Each formula is saturated with at least 20 skin-transforming beauty actives, some considerably more. Patented delivery capsule technology allows the ‘dose’ of ingredients to be precisely balanced.


The star ingredient is Benifuki extract from Yakushima island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the organic hybrid green tea is picked by hand and carefully stored before processing. It is cultivated on rich fertile soil and nourished by the many waterfalls on the island that are rich in negative ions. A hybrid Japanese tea, Benifuki, was created in 1993 and has the highest levels of polyphenols in a tea in the form of methylated catechins and tannins. Benifuki extract improves structural stability in GF storage, leaving skin more receptive to regeneration signals.



An ‘Onjun’ enhancing head massage and AQ Meliority essentials express facial leaves the skin silky smooth with a radiance that comes from within.

DECORTÉ LUXURY RITUAL (45 minutes - £100)

Treats the skin to an incredible facial massage and a well-being ‘Onjun’ enhancing head massage.  It leaves the face firm and rejuvenated and the skin glowing with vitality.


Incorporating the signature face and décolleté massage to leave skin healthy and youthful looking.  An AQ Meliority mask is tailored according to the client’s personal key needs, whether that be vitality, deep moisturization, or brightness and radiance. Complemented by the wellbeing ‘Onjun’ enhancing head massage.


The jewel in the Decorté treatment crown, this leaves skin sculpted, lifted and firm. An ultimate ‘Onjun’ enhancing head, face, décolleté and hand massage warms the body and a unique cleansing technique, using hands and a brush, prepares the skin for a thermal mask and lotion, helping improve metabolism and natural vitality.


Harrods began as a wholesale grocer and tea merchant in east London, first opening its doors in 1834. Since then, it has grown to become the world’s most famous department store, known for its unrivalled range of luxury merchandise. As well as exclusive brands and myriad departments, one of Harrods’ most renowned attributes is its unparalleled service. Harrods continues to be guided by its philosophy of ‘anything is possible’, and, to this day, their customers remain at the heart of everything they do.

The Decorté treatment room at Harrods opened on the 28th January 2020 in the Beauty Events & Services space on the lower ground floor.