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Decorté is a Japanese luxury skincare and cosmetics line which launched in 1970 that bases its innovative formulations upon ancient Eastern medicine combined with cutting-edge scientific research.

At the forefront of 'J-Beauty', Decorté is the best-selling luxury skincare range in Japan and home to the world’s no.1 selling serum for the last 30 years, Liposome, the first product to use ground-breaking liposome technology for long-lasting moisturising effects.


The Decorté range of cosmetics and skincare is the culmination of 50 years of meticulous research. Collaborating with Nobel Prize-winning scientists, Decorté offers some of the most sought-after skincare products worldwide.

Each collection within the range utilises only the finest of ingredients gathered from some of the rarest plants worldwide, each chosen specifically for its ability to transform the skin. The advanced, prestige skincare and cosmetic range offers a perfect balance of sensuousness and intelligence - delivering a luxurious experience with radiant, lasting results.


Decorté has always taken a holistic approach to beauty, considering not only the performance of the products on the skin, but also the relationship between the skin and the power of the mind which can influence its behaviour.

We are the only range available that has devoted significant scientific resources to developing this approach, addressing all the senses in their superior formulations to deliver exceptional results.

Our studies have shown that when a person is relaxed, their skincare delivers better results because the products adapt to and work in harmony with the body's own constitution and natural biorhythms to help skin perform better as a whole. Reinventing and reconstructing skin, the advanced formulas are designed to deeply penetrate and revive damaged skin tissue and transform stressed skin with incomparable results.

Our Ambassadors

We are proud to have counted some of the most iconic women in the world as our Ambassadors.  From Ingrid Bergman to Grace Kelly, Carolyn Murphy to Kate Moss, the Decorté woman reflects the personality of the brand, always pioneering, always radiant and graceful with a strong sense of self possession and self-worth.

Brand History

Decorté was created in 1970 as the first luxury brand from the KOSÉ Corporation stable. The company had already achieved great success since its launch in 1946, founder Kozaburo Kobayashi had a vision and passion to provide people with dreams and hope during the post-war period creating quality skincare and cosmetic products that greatly exceeded their expectations.

Designed to be better than anything else on offer throughout the world a different from other beauty products, Cosme Decorté as it was first known, was the brainchild of Yasukiyo Kobayashi (currently KOSÉ Honorary Chairman) who wanted to give customers an almost bespoke experience with the creation of the range, a luxury symbol for the company.  The first products were Moisture Cream RX and Pressed Powder in a 20K gold case sold at Y116,000 which is the equivalent of £2,900 in today’s money.

They launched at specific, spacious dedicated counters with “companions”, staff who were only representing the Decorté brand, who were specially trained, not just in the full benefits of the product range but also in all aspects of skin care and cosmetics including application and good skin health. This meant they were able to give each and every customer, first class service to a degree that was not available anywhere else in Japan at that time. There was no pressure to make a quick sale, Companions would spend as long as it took, really understanding what their customer needed from the skincare regime and tailoring their product recommendations accordingly.

For 50 years the brand has led the way delivering unique, technologically advanced products to their customers, and some of the highlights are the first ever liposome range launched in 1992 named simply Liposome, paving the way for literally hundreds of other brands to try to mimic these clever delivery systems, the formulation as iconic now as it was then. Although liposomes had attracted attention in various fields including medicine, they had been considered extremely difficult to put into practical use. KOSÉ had completed its proprietary multi-layered liposome technology through eight years of research and had developed it into a serum that has long-lasting moisturising effects.

In 1986, Dumolle was launched which used the phospholipid of a biological component as an emulsifier for the very first time. As far back as 1974, Art Decorté was the first range to incorporate Chinese herbal prescriptions, including a ginseng extract component called epicholestanol to soothe skin. One Cosme Decorté masterpiece was a summer liquid foundation that did not require water. So many firsts to market, so many successes.

From 1995 onwards, KOSÉ started to expand overseas and on October 1, 1997, they opened a counter at Taipei Sogo in Taiwan, and launched three more lines: AQ, The Hydro-Science and Cosme Decorté Makeup. In 2000, they expanded into Singapore and Hong Kong, in 2002 into Korea and in 2009, Beijing. Europe and America beckoned and in 2012 the first counters opened in Italy, USA and Canada, followed in 2016 after the rebrand to simply Decorté, alongside entering Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Spain. The UK was finally reached in 2018.

The faces of the brand have been carefully chosen over the years, all iconic beauties with global appeal.  First in 1995 was actress Ingrid Bergman, followed in 1996 by Grace Kelly, in 1998 Chiara Mastroianni, in 2000 Carolyn Murphy, in 2002 Bridgit Hall and from 2015 Kate Moss.

Today, with over 8,000 employees, parent company KOSÉ continues the legacy of its founder with research and innovation at its core. KOSÉ has over 800 registered patents and a portfolio of 36 brands that sell to multiple channels across Asia; including department stores, specialty stores, drugstores and direct to their customer.