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Best-selling beauty milk infused with a blend of fruit and botanical oils for strong, radiant and super soft skin.

AQ Meliority

AQ Meliority, the most premium range within Decorté, achieves remarkable performance levels, awakening the skin's ability to self-regenerate and recapture youth.


A new ultra-light skincare range formulated with plant rich ingredients for high skin affinity to reduce inflammation and irritation, and return skin to its optimal condition.


Release your inner life force with Decorté Vi-Fusion™ that working with nature and your body's natural biorhythms to help it perform better as a whole.

AQ Base Makeup

The AQ Base Makeup range is a juxtaposition of makeup and skincare, providing a finish that becomes one with your skin.

Moisture Liposome

Pure perfection, supreme moisture. The legendary formula has needed no change since its launch in 1992, the first range to ever feature ground-breaking liposome technology.