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Decorté AQ Point Makeup is a new range of lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushers and mascara designed with the finest of ingredients for the truly discerning and confident. Embracing the skin care benefits found within the Decorté AQ skincare range, they represent the perfect marriage between colour delivery and skin conditioning and enhancing properties. Celebrating Decorté’s much-revered concept of ensuring ingredients have relaxing benefits for the mind that in turn help the regeneration of the skin, the formulations deliver naturally beautiful makeup looks. Formulations smoothly condition any unevenness of the skin and lips and deliver a luxurious lustre giving a sense of three-dimensional firmness and toning to the face.


Presented in exquisite multi-faceted metallic crystalline casings designed by Decorté’s Art Director Marcel Wanders, an absolute pleasure to behold and to use.

The design of the Decorté AQ range is elegant with beautiful curves and expresses the modern woman in abstract form. The “eye” shape as seen from above evokes the determination of modern women. The surface is decorated with a pattern resembling crystals and cut diamonds, expressing both boldness and luxury at the same time.


Decorté AQ Point Makeup is formulated with a selection of carefully selected and highly refined beauty ingredients which includes two special botanicals: White Birch Water [betula platyphylla japonica juice and birch extract] and Mucuna Birdwoodiana Stem Extract.

White Birch Water [betula platyphylla japonica juice and birch extract] composed of the sap of the white birch, a rare ingredient rich in natural minerals and amino acids essential to the skin which can only be harvested for four weeks during the snow melt, and an extract which concentrates the effects of white birch bark.

Mucuna Birdwoodiana Stem Extract with moisturising, antioxidant, blood circulation promotion and neurotransporter production promotion properties.


Vegetable Squalane, Rice Sterol, Phospholipid [moisturising]

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract [sebum balance adjustment]

Double Peptide [collagen production]

Mallow Extract [pollution protection]

The range is fragranced with uplifting green floral and amber.