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The Decorté AQ mission is to unlock the skincare potential of each and every one of us to bring out our own unique beauty. Standing for Absolute Quality, the AQ range offers a complete care routine to achieve your best skin. Decorté AQ has continuously evolved since its launch in 1990 as a range of skincare crafted with every possible piece of knowledge, technique and more than a drop of passion gleaned from the brands creator KOSÉ Corporation.

Decorté AQ is based on the concept of holistic beauty and taking skincare a step further by examining the intricate workings of the mind to focus on both skin's responsiveness to products. When researching the range, they noted that for many women when they relaxed, their skincare routine delivered better results, and their skin looked more vibrant and beautiful. They recognised that this was due to skin having a greater responsiveness to ingredients when relaxed, and so focused on the mechanics behind this response creating a range whose ingredients amplified relaxation whilst making radiance and vitality a given for the skin.

In these modern times filled with excessive internal and external stress, the Decorté AQ range seeks to evoke a blissful beauty, a firmness and suppleness that comes from within and a radiance that seems to glow from the inside outwards. With specially selected rare ingredients, formulas and production methods using Decorté's superior technology that maximised this state of skin relaxation and comfort, they created a range that transforms the joy of skincare by using exactly the right fragrance and product textures to make it work perfectly.

There are 15 products within the Decorté AQ skincare range designed to cleanse, soften, balance and moisturise and 10 base make-up and accessory products also formulated with skin­ care ingredients to continue the gift of love for the skin, while awakening the potential for beauty that lies deep within its cellular structure.


Decorté AQ is formulated with a selection of carefully selected and highly refined beauty ingredients which includes three special botanicals: Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract, White birch water (betula platyphylla japonica juice and birch extract) and Night-Blooming Cereus.


Mucuna birdwoodiana is a special ingredient carefully extracted from the stem of the genus which delivers skin radiance, by awakening the responsiveness of the skin cells, targeting the skin' s natural ability to regenerate.


Composed of the sap of the white birch, a rare ingredient rich in natural minerals and amino acids essential to the skin which can only be harvested for 4 weeks during the snow melt, and an extract which concentrates the effects of white birchbark.


A refreshing yet calming mood-enhancing deep floral woody scent said to only bloom once a year on a summer's night which relaxes the mind and increases the efficacy of theskincare.


The Cream Absolute X also contains a specially developed Black Soy Nectar™ created from a fermented black soybean solution which reduces damage to fibroblast cells and boosts the production of collagen in division arrested damaged cells. This extract is made from black soybeans produced in Tamba-Sasayama, processed using their proprietary extraction method to increase antioxidant capacity. Black soybeans contain an even higher amount of antioxidants and anthocyanins, polyphenols, etc. than regular soybeans. Fermenting the liquid further using Lactobacillus increases the number of components like amino acids and saccharides, which can boost the cell activation effect.


The design of the DECORTE AQ range is elegant with beautiful curves and expresses the modern woman in abstract form. The "eye" shape as seen from above evokes the determination of modern women. The surface is decorated with a pattern resembling crystals and cut diamonds, expressing both boldness and luxury at the same time.