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The latest skincare launch from DECORTÉ that focuses on the hidden powers of sugar to enhance skin hydration and clarity. Fusing cutting-edge science with a stylish aesthetic, Hydra Clarity is specifically designed to support skin that has a tendency to misbehave and that can be difficult to manage during your 20s and 30s, also delivering a 'Clarity Cycle' reboot for all ages and all skin types whenever it is needed.

Step 1


Application Apply 2-3 pumps of the lotion all over the face blending it well with foundation and other makeup items as well as dirt and other impurities of the skin to remove them fully. Rinse with water.

How It Works Formulated with a balance of oil andcleansing ingredients, it eliminates the need for double-cleansing.

Skincare Benefits Gently brings to the surface sebum,dirt, and even keratotic plugs that have clogged the pores, leaving the skin clean and clear and hydrated after rinsing.

Step 2

Gel Cleansing - Can be used for both double cleansing and also single use.

Application Take a cherry size amount into a dry palm and gently massage in a circular motion all over the face. Add warm water and rinse off by massaging into the face.

How It Works The cushiony gel base contains a balance of fresh water-soluble polymers and non-sticky moisturizers, with carefully selected plant-derived cleansing ingredients that wash away unwanted impurities (not make-up) while protecting the skin’s essential moisture levels.

Skincare Benefits Cleansing deep into the pores, it eliminates sebum impurities and difficult-to remove blackheads too.  Peppermint extract and Green tea extract join the proprietary sugar complex ‘Bihada-to’ help refine skin texture, lock-in moisture, reduce inflammation and boost circulation, so that even skin prone to acne and scarring is left looking healthier, smoother, dewy and crystal clear.

Step 3


Application Take two pumps of the emulsion and soak a cotton pad, then apply it to the skin.

How It Works Enveloping the skin in a dewymoisture veil, it protects from dryness and friction for a healthy complexion.

Skincare Benefits Blends smoothly on the skin, whiledeeply polishing the skin's texture toreveal supple, firm, silky smooth skinfree from visible pores.



Application Apply an amount sufficient to soak on the cotton pad, and then gently pat onto your skin.

How It Works Active ingredient Glycyrrhizic acid derivative has noticeable anti-inflammatory actions to help prevent acne, soothe and smooth the skin, and clear breakouts.

Skincare Benefits It contains Bihada-to, an original complex ingredient that helps createluminous skin with ideal moisturisation levels.

Step 5

Moisturising - Can be used either with or instead of moisturiser.

Application Use morning or night after Cleansing and Softening. Can be used instead of Moisturiser. Unfold and place the mask onto the face, adjusting the holes for the eyes, nose and mouth contours. Press lightly to set in place. Leave for 5 minutes, then remove and gently massage the remaining product into the skin.

How It Works The mask smooths the skin and gives clarity, helping to reduce the appearance of pores, and leaving skin plump and supple.  The mask fits very well to the face enabling a real treatment-effect for the skin.

Skincare Benefits A soft, supple sheet mask with a high concentration of proprietary refining and moisturising sugar complex ‘Bihada-to’, emulsified oils and Kuma Bamboo Grass Extract, all ingredients with a similar structure to sebum so enjoyed by the skin.

Step 6


Application Take a pearl-sized amount on your fingertips, place it on five places; chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead, and gently massage into the skin.

How It Works A smooth, soft veil, it envelops the skin for many hours and helps maintain a sense of suppleness to the touch.

Skincare Benefits Blends easily into the skin without leaving any residue and provides the skin with a clear lustre and translucence, perfectly moisturised by organic Shea Butter, Glycerin and Moringa Oil.

Decorté Hydra Clarity uses 'Clever Sugars and Clever Science' to directly tackle the effects of modern-day stressors. The proprietary sugar complex 'Bihada-to' helps to; refine skin texture, lock in moisture, reduce inflammation and boost circulation, so that even skin prone to acne and scarring is left looking healthier, smoother, dewy and crystal clear.

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the range of five products can also be used to support sunburnt skin in the recovery process.