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Introducing the Decorté Lift Dimension Brightening range, a trio of premium problem- solving skincare products specially designed to bring radiance to the skin helping with concerns that grow with age such as persistent dullness and tired looking skin, dark spots, yellowing uneven skin tone and shadows that fall on the cheeks. With every use, skin has an energised, radiant and more supple appearance.

Lift Dimension Brighten + Plump Emulsion is a luxurious deeply penetrating emulsion that provides elasticity and vitality to the skin, smoothing from the surface to the stratum corneum enabling deeper penetration of the active brightening ingredients.

Lift Dimension Brighten + Replenish Lotion is a luxurious skin-firming lotion that immediately delivers suppleness and firmness to the skin leaving skin instantly radiant.

Lift Dimension Brightening Rejuvenating Cream envelops skin in a cocoon of deep, nutrient-rich moisture, minimising the appearance of dark spots to achieve exquisitely firm, elegant skin.

The three new additions include some unique ingredients to target three specific problems which prevent a healthy glow: excess melanin formulation; a yellowing epidermis; uneven skin tone creating shadows on the skin.

Kojic Acid and Vitamin C suppress the formation of melanin, which when cell turnover naturally slows down with ageing, accumulates within the old keratin and gives a dull, dark uneven tone to the skin. Combined with Illuminate AI Complex, containing Ioula Flower and Japanese Green Alder Extract to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and Coffee Seed Extract which disperses melanin.

Noni Juice and Citrus Poonensis Peel Extract target the yellow tones of an ageing epidermis and are included in the Decorté Light Control Complex which stops the carbonylation of the epidermis caused by active oxygen in the cells as a result of UV rays. This slows down cell turnover and the degeneration of the skin’s protein and subsequent change in its colour to yellow. Poonensis also boosts circulation to the blood cells to help further brighten the skin and promote epidermal cell proliferation and support normal skin cell turnover.

CTP a Collagen Tripeptide helps boost the levels of collagen, promoting the production of collagen molecules and promoting the formation of collagen fibres. Rosa Mulitiflora Fruit Extract, an anti-inflammatory elastase inhibitor, helps prevent wrinkles, smooths the skin’s surface and prevents MMP degredation as does Ginseng Extract. With youthful skin, the microfibril, a skeleton of elastin fibres, spreads throughout the dermis, helping maintain a beautiful dendritic structure on the upper layer of the dermis. With ageing skin however, MMP2, a degrading enzyme, increases, changes to activated MMP2, and breaks down microfibril into fine parts. Because of this, the dendritic structure is lost. All these ingredients help smooth the skin and increase the light- reflective properties of the skin thereby reducing shadows.

KOSÉ, the parent company of Decorté, is the only cosmetics manufacturer to own a “multi- wavelength tuneable laboratory” which enables them to conduct evaluation on the impressions made on the appearance of the skin by different light-wave lengths. They have shown that blue-red rays give luminosity and radiance to the skin and yellow waves show skin as being dull. In other words, suppression of yellowing is believed to be the key to creating a complexion with a youthful shine. Not only age, but also contemporary lifestyle habits such as intensifying UV rays and lack of sleep combine in a complex manner and induce yellowing of the skin colour, therefore, if you can reduce the yellow element of the skin and increase the blue and red elements, dullness is less noticeable, and skin has a good complexion.



Helps solve the causes of dull, dehydrated skin and helps promote a bright, vibrant, clear complexion. Noni contains an abundance of nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, and amino acids. Used for edible and medicinal purposes, the juice, created by naturally fermenting the fruit, is known to suppress carbonylation and prevent the yellowing of the skin. It also promotes the synthesis of loricrin, an element that forms CE, a structure required for a normal stratum corneum formed of proteins.


An active brightening ingredient, it directly works on melanocytes, which are cells that form spots and suppresses melanin pigments.


Vitamin C derivative suppresses the excessive formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. Glycyrrhizic acid is an anti-inflammatory ingredient which moisturises rough skin and helps skin glow.


Extracted from fruits of polyantha containing polyphenol, an anti-inflammatory elastase inhibitor helps prevent wrinkles and smooths the skin’s surface.


It is the main component of collagen that continues to provide suppleness to the skin, retaining a fresh and dewy moisture.


A noble plant within Japanese tradition, it adds suppleness and a vibrant glow to the skin, helps remove melanin and ensures a smooth cell turnover.


The product adopts an original delivery capsule comprised mainly of phospholipids. It blends smoothly, even into hardened skin, and injects these beauty ingredients throughout the skin.


Help promote skin elasticity and lustre.