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In 1992 Decorté Liposome was born, providing long lasting moisture to skin by saturating the skin and delivering firmness, radiance and clarity to keep the skin in prime condition. Decorté, through its many years of research understood that the most essential factor to support strong, beautiful and healthy skin, is carefully suppling and maintaining the highest-quality moisture levels, and Liposome delivers it continuously throughout the day.

The magic factor that ensures the deep, lasting and continuous moisturising power of this serum, is the multi-layered liposome delivery system, micro-capsules created with phospholipids a component that also forms skin itself, which gives the liposomes excellent moisturising ability. The structure of the liposome was developed using biometrics, a technology aimed at achieving greater effects by imitating or mimicking the body's natural structures and mechanisms, in this case imitating the structure of skin cell membranes and stratum corneum cells. Able to become one with the skin, the liposomes operate as if they were natural skin cells to assuredly retain moisture, target damaged cells, give time-release delivery and help subsequent skincare be absorbed more effectively.


Taking countless years to first create, this capsule changed the concept of moisturizing and created a new frontier for skincare. Active beauty ingredients are encapsulated within each layer of the liposome, which melts on contact with the skin from the outside to release moisture. Formulated with 0.1-micron ultrafine multilayer liposome, every product use applies trillions of liposomes to your skin, sealing dryness-prone areas and delivering concentrated long-lasting moisture.  Studies show that intercellular lipids are repaired, the barrier function is increased and skin condition is improved.