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Skin imbalance is something that can affect everyone and the natural ageing process often exacerbates this problem as it causes a decrease in sebum and ceramide which speeds up the decline of the skin’s normal balancing function. Skin can become inflamed, sensitive, pores enlarged and the texture becomes rough not smooth. Imbalance is generally an oil water ratio imbalance which affects the epidermal turnover of the cells or metabolic imbalance which leads to increased dermal fibroblast cell production and discharge.

To bring balance back to your skin, Decorté has developed a new ultra-light skincare range formulated with plant rich ingredients with high skin affinity, which are effective, safe and gentle even for the most sensitive skin, reduce inflammation and irritation and returning skin to its optimal condition, moisturised, refined and smooth with exceptional translucency.


Humus Extract is carefully sourced from sediment created by plants that have accumulated at the bottom of the oceans over several millions to tens of millions of years. The process takes over 2 years. Rich in a well-balanced assortment of nutrients such as fulvic acid, minerals, amino acids, sugars, fats, and vitamins, humus extract promotes cell turnover, increases the growth of fibroblasts and is a great softener of the skin surrounding the pores that hardens with age. This thickening of the stratum corneum from dryness and age is reversed and skin becomes smoother, brighter, more glossy and pore size and scarring are minimized.

The Phytotune Herbal Extract also at the core of the formulation consists of three key ingredients Rosehip, Rosemary and Perilla. Rosehip rich in essential fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid encourages skin renewal by promoting metabolism; Rosemary has blood-circulation-boosting and antioxidant benefits to invigorate the skin by promoting blood and lymphatic circulation combating ageing; Perilla (Shiso) purifies the skin through antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties, one of the richest sources of carotene among vegetables it also combats inflammation by inhibiting histamine.

Beneficial ingredients are painstakingly extracted by spending almost two years from collecting the humus to refining it into an extract. Humus Extract richly contains an excellent balance of nutrients, such as fulvic acids, minerals, amino acids, sugars, fats and vitamins.

Other ingredients include the emollients organic sesame extract oil, organic jojoba seed extract oil, olive squalene, the moisturiser glycerin, Rosa rugosa flower extract which suppresses collagen breakdown and moisturises, Zanthoxylum piperitum peel extract which suppresses elastin breakdown and moisturises and Lychee seed extract which promotes collagen production and moisturises.

The Phytotune range has a clever delivery capsule called Lipidsome, composed of ingredients with structural or functional similarities to substances found in the body for superior skin affinity and gentleness, intercellular lipid components (cholesterols, amino acids, ceramides and phospholipids). Lipidsome delivers active ingredients while swiftly restoring the skin's barrier functions. Phytotune's natural fragrance of sweet rose and sweet pea spiced with lavender and herbs is a stress-relieving fragrance delivering added aromatherapeutic benefits.