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There’s nothing like warmer weather to make you want to go out and look your best. Summer is really all about vibrant colours and makeup that allows your actual skin to peek through. Where skincare is concerned, rich formulations are taking a back seat to make room for weightless lotions, creams and serums. Below is your expert guide to this season’s hottest trends and products we'd suggest investing in this summer.


Summer is the time to celebrate natural beauty. As soon as days get longer, the makeup look becomes more about emphasising glow, natural flush and subtle dew. This means a more streamlined and simple routine, as summer calls for highlighters and lightweight foundations that enhance beauty that's already there.


Soft nudes and browns are taking a backseat this summer as vibrant hues come out to play. Colours like bright pinks, bold reds, popping corals are a sure win for the season. Fluffy eyebrows will be the go-to look, meaning brows won't need to be as structured. Simply keep them groomed and polished with a tinted brow gel. Bold eye makeup is trending (everything from electric neon to purple), which means lots of room for experimentation. Glosses will also make their way back for summer as products that bring out your natural lip colour are a standout trend for summer.


It's even more important in the summer to ensure you are cleansing your skin effectively before bed, as a build-up of makeup, sun protection and daily grime can clog pores overnight. We recommend a foam cleanser that melts away impurities to reveal instantly brighter, suppler skin while balancing sebum production. We also recommend to choose a lightweight hyaluronic serum to layer under your SPF and to swap your rich moisturisers for lighter formulations that are less occlusive, allowing skin to breathe. It is still important to use a moisturiser during the warmer months, but opting for a lighter texture might help to keep your complexion happier during the summer. Look for a brilliant all-rounder that provides lightweight hydration, UV protection and an antioxidant boost, such as our AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Day Cream.


"I love Decorté's skincare because it allows me not to wear makeup and feel confident. To be able to have these products at my disposal that create a calming effect – a ritual – that feels like a way I can care for myself and I'm in control of, is really soothing to me. I use the botanical oil at night and the oil infusion in the morning. The lip oils are awesome too. The tinted ones I use when I'm doing my YouTube videos, because they give a nice little bit of colour, but it's really relaxed and casual. I use a lot of the Liposome sheet masks. They've just always been a way of transporting me, making me feel like I'm at a spa." – Brie Larson, Decorté Brand Muse