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While some Western cultures attempt to dominate nature, the Japanese seek to understand it, helping bring meaning and a holistic viewpoint to life. This philosophy is a driving force behind the Decorté Vi-Fusion™ working with nature and the body's natural rhythms to help it perform better as a whole. Vi-Fusion™ does this in a three­ part way by Strengthening, Regenerating and Empowering with a range of products specialized for single-item efficacy.


Enhancing and reinforcing the skin with a unique Aqueous Algin-Mesh Formula. Alginic acid's moisturizing effect quickly reinforces the skin's barrier function and Phospholipids reinforce intercellular lipids. From the moment it is applied skin is wrapped in moisture. The result is a stronger dermal barrier that helps protect skin against stress and strengthen immunity from the ever-growing array of environmental assaults.


DECORTE Vi-Fusion's Transilient Onsen Water is rich in mineral ingredients sourced from geo­thermal volcanic springs. The minerals infuse skin with potassium, magnesium, sodium and other vital elements in micro-sizes that will not stress the skin or cause further inflammation. Revitalizing the skin in this way helps its ability to naturally heal, rebuild and renew.


Pro-Density Network Technology adds vitality and activates the skin. The ingredients Zizyphus jujuba extract, Eugenia caryophyllus extract, and Acorus calamus root extract increase the proliferation ability of epidermal cells by keeping the stratum corneum cells, essential to beautiful skin, healthy from deep within, plumping and firming up skin that is prone to withering.


Aquatic Aldehyde Green Floral

The base is floral with a marine top note, blended lavishly using ten natural fragrances notes to produce a luxurious yet fresh and clear fragrance that clears the mind, and makes time spent on skin care enjoyable.


Onsen water is one of the core ingredients in the Vi-Fusion line. It comes from the geo-thermal volcanic springs. Its permeable, micro-minerals supplement intra and extracellular concentrations to facilitate with cellular communication and metabolism for a healthy state of repair and renewal.