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Decorté VITA DE RÊVE is a purifying herbal liquid that harnesses the power of nature to achieve intensely healing results for the skin and soul. The brand’s no. 1 selling product in the UK and Asia, it is referred to as ‘God’s Water’ by many due to its healing properties.

While instantly improving the complexion and blood-circulation, this cool and refreshing lotion has the ability to quickly absorb into the skin delivering a soothing moisture. The lightweight formula eliminates rough skin and is especially effective against adult acne, as well as blurring and tackling imperfections caused by everyday aggressors like stress.

Compounded with four types of extracts and essential oils obtained from mint family plants, the toner smooths skin with damaged texture, making it difficult to develop problems like dry or rough skin and gives you skin that is supple, with a translucent look.



Has strong antioxidant effects as well as nutritional fortification, anti-bacterial and anti-aging effects.


Also has anti-ageing effects as it stimulates blood flow and enhances the skin's antioxidant capacity.


A Japanese herb that strengthens your skin and improves barrier function. With a strong disinfectant effect, it inhibits the effect of allergens with its star ingredient, rosmarinic acid. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and acts as an antihistamine.


Used widely as a steam inhalant to recover during times of weakness or fatigue, or for colds and respiratory organ-based diseases, is an energizing herb that revives fatigued skin.