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Decorté laboratories have been exploring the relationship between blemishes and aging. Blemishes become deeper with age, increase and spread one after another. We have discovered the reason for this, abnormalities of the melanin control system due to ageing lysosomes, a key waste remover from the cells. Inside a cell numerous organelles function to remove waste and one of the key organelles is the lysosome, which contains digestive enzymes capable of degrading melanin, the cause for those dark pigmentation spots. It was also found that lysosomal aging was enhanced in areas where blemishes occur, regardless of age.

Decorté Whitelogist Brightening Correcting Serum rejuvenates the lysosome and thereby fights adult pigmentation, gradually removing the existing dark spots and preventing the skin from forming new ones. Working in three ways, the serum inhibits melanin production, then encourages the lysosomes to pulverise and expel melancore from the cells. This rejuvenation of the melanin control system means those “adult blemishes” that become persistent with age are tackled, uneven colour is eliminated and skin is left supple, radiant, bright and translucent. The serum forms a protective film rather like a cocoon, in which the brightening effect becomes more concentrated, adding translucent layers that gradually brighten the skin from the centre of the blemishes.


“Kojic acid EW” keeps melanin from being produced and released. It has the smallest molecular weight compared to other main whitening ingredients so it easily reaches the melanocytes. This penetrates through the melanocytes that cause the blemishes and goes to work to stop all processes of melanin production. Kojic acid has been clinically confirmed to be effective on various types of dark spots.

Bright Concentrate Complex activates V-ATPase and rejuvenates lysosomes by increasing the power of “pulverization + expulsion” and normalising the melanin control system.

The new delivery capsule "lonsome BC" helps the penetration of "Bright Concentrate Complex" and "Kojic Acid EW" to achieve highly translucent skin. It penetrates quickly while passing through the gap between the stratum corneum that has become thicker and harder due to the influence of ultraviolet rays. It quickly delivers ingredients such as "Bright Concentrate Complex" and "Kojic Acid EW", because the capsule itself has excellent moisturizing and skin-brightening effects, it also improves translucency.


m-Closer shrinks the dendrites of overactive melanocytes.

The “New Seaweed Extract”, from whole grass of seaweed that grows on a beautiful island in the tropical to subtropical sea and contains carrageenan, amino acids and minerals. The extract envelops the skin like a veil and delivers a moisturizing effect, an anti-inflammatory effect, and a tyrosinase activity inhibiting effect, leaving skin smooth, soft and radiant.

"Bright Concentrate Complex" for stubborn adult blemishes activates V-ATPase and rejuvenates lysosomes by increasing the power of “pulverization + expulsion” and normalising the melanin control system.


Extract taken from the roots of the Yamato Toki. Yamato Toki is a perennial herb of the celeriac family and has been cultivated mainly in Nara Prefecture. The root of the Toki is used for herbal medicine, mainly as a gynecological drug, and is effective for blood thrombosis and prescriptions such as Toki-shakuyakusan are famous.


Extract taken from the Jujube fruit. The Jujube is a deciduous tree belonging to the genus Jujubeceae, native to Southwest Asia. In China, red-brown jujube that has been steamed and dried has been called "Taiso", and is used as a traditional Chinese medicine. Jujube is said to have both tonic and sedative effects. It is blended in Chinese herbal medicines such as Kakkonto (Pueraria Decoction) and Kambakutaisoto (a Licorice, Wheat and Chinese date decoction).


Extract taken from grape seeds. Grape seeds are rich in polyphenolic proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins have stronger antioxidant power than other polyphenols, and are also considered to have anti-inflammatory effects and tyrosinase activity inhibitory effects.