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Skin Bliss

The ultimate in skin regeneration brought to you by the NEW AQ skincare range.

Based on leading dermatological science, AQ's new advanced formulation focuses on the happiness of the mind as the driving force for skin renewal.

Taking inspiration from regenerative medicine AND neuroscience the "Absolute Formula" has been advanced with two new skincare actives:

"Chondroitin Sulfate" - a polysaccharide that promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

"Michela Champaca extract" - developed through joint research with world-renowned botanical research institute, promotes proliferation of fibroblasts and increases barrier function.

A fresh, floral musky scent including new Champaca extract calms the skin & mind.

Skin is reborn, soft and toned, beautifully radiant with vibrant and true glossiness.

Unique Emulsion-first approach

DECORTÉ's 'emulsion first' skincare layering system infuses skin with moisture & elasticity from within enhancing the application of products that follow.

New AQ Absolute Treatment Emulsion is formulated with oleic acid derivatives to soften skin enhancing penetration plus Absolute Sterol EX to plump and tone from within increasing skin density.

NEW AQ ABSOLUTE TREATMENT EMULSION & LOTION are available in 3 textures to suit all skin types:

I: AIRY RICH for oily & combination skin types

II: RICH for combination & normal skin types

II: EXTRA RICH for dry skin type

EXCLUSIVE early access

The NEW AQ Skincare range is available to buy for email subscribers from Monday 11th September 2023.

Official national launch date: 18.09.2023

Discover the new aq skincare ritual

  1. Apply the Emulsion first to soften and prepare skin

  2. Follow with the Lotion to lock-in moisture

  3. For daylight hours, apply the Awakening Protective Day Cream with SPF 15

  4. In the evening, use the cocooning Sculpting Balm Cream for overnight skin repair

  5. Complete your ritual with the Tightening Eye Cream day or night.

The Absolute formula

With over 13 skincare actives*, the advanced AQ luxury formula is a unique blend of carefully selected regenerative medicine ingredients, freshly harvested natural botanical extracts and pristine birch water.

A new flexible capsule delivery system improves penetration for greater skin benefits.

* the face creams contain a higher number of active ingredients

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